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crane joystick OM6000-1A-H52-MS00-B001


  • Crane joystick OM6000-1A-H52-MS00-B001  


    Product characteristic:

    Conforms to the modern man-machine engineering principle, specially for project mechanical profession design use.
    The disposition has the non-contact Hall sensor and the long life potentiometer two kind of angular displacements detect method could choose.
    Has many kinds of different type handle top port to supply choice, simultaneously, button quantity and the position also have the different disposition form.
    The joystick’s output signal could be potentiometer output, the Hall voltage output, the CAN bus output, as well as a variety of standard analog signals

    Application scope:

    This series products mainly apply in hoist crane, car loader, forklift, excavator, work high above the ground platform, tractor, harvester and so on.  

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