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hand control lever OM11


  • Hand control lever OM11

    1. Brand: OMTER
    2.OM11 series joystick
    3.optional resistance value
    4.Competivie price
    5.High quality

    Product characteristic:

    Spring automatic return.
    Could single axis both sides to operation; Could double axis any direction operation With center-tapped potentiometer angle detection method
    Below maximum current 10mA direction switch.
    Could with the voltage converter board of DC24V power supply voltage, - 10V~0V~+10V voltage output or +10V~0V~+10V.
    Could with scaling board direct drive hydraulic proportional valve. Drive current 0.5~3A adjustable.

    Application scope:

    This series product mainly applies in the project vehicles, the project machinery.

    Product selection:

    OM11 - OOO - OOO - OOO

       1.        -    2.  -     3.   -4.  

    Sub-item selection instructions:

    1.Product series number:

    OM11, 5KΩ with center-tapped potentiometer,with 10mA direction of current switch,the spring automatic reset, installment pitch of holes size 44mm*44mm


    2.Output axis and operating mode:

    1A= single axis
    The 2A= Double axis any direction operate


    3.Output signal:

    P051= with 5K Ω center-tapped potentiometer 0~100% voltage output
    U21=DC24V power source, - 10V~0V ~+10V voltage output
    U22=DC24V power source, +10V ~0V ~+10V voltage output
    U23=DC24V power source, - 5V~0V ~+5V voltage output
    U24=DC24V power source, +5V ~0V ~+5V voltage output
    I21= two-wire system 4mA ~12mA ~20mA electric current output
    I22= two-wire system 20mA ~4mA ~20mA electric current output
    The PWM224=PWM with scaling board current output, supply voltage DC24V, 2 road output
    The PWM424=PWM with scaling board current output, supply voltage DC24V, 4 road output
    The PWM212=PWM with scaling board current output, supply voltage DC12V, 2 road output
    The PWM412=PWM with scaling board current output, supply voltage DC12V, 4 road output


    4.Handle top port:

    The S= short handle, φ19*h20, without the button
    The L= long handle, φ19*h45, without the button

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